Carnival Glass P-R

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         Dugans paneled JIP Peach Opal vase   Blue Panther sauce dish     Pastel Swan salt in marigold  
  Dugan's PO Paneled Vase-SOLD             Blue Panther Sauce     Pastel Swan salt in celeste blue     Pastel Swan Salt in marigold  
  Pastel Swan Salt in purple   Pastel Swan Salt in vaseline   Peacock @ Urn Master IC-mari   Peacock @ Urn IC sauce-mari
  Persian Garden 6" plate-white   Petal & Fan 10" bowl SOLD         Pinecone 6" plate in blue   Question Marks stem plate-wht
         Peacock at the Fountain compote in white           Raspberry Gravy Boat in marigold               
  Peacock @Fountain compote-W   Raspberry Gravy boat -mari              

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