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  IB Embroidered Mums bowl     White Beaded Cable Rosebowl   Grape & Cable handgrip plate in green  
  Ice Blue Embroidered Mums   Hearts & Flowers Plate in mari   White Beaded Cable Rosebowl   Grape & Cable handgrip plate-grn  
         Northwood Fine Rib vase in blue                   Grape and Cable Hatpin Holder in purple               Leaf Columns Vase in white   
    Northwood Fine Rib vase-blue      Marigold Blossomtime compote    Grape & Cable Hatpin Holder-p     Leaf Columns 11" Vase- white   
  Marigold Bushel Basket   Bushel Basket in purple   Bushel Basket in ice aqua   Butterfly bonbon in marigold with Threaded back  
  Bushel Basket - Marigold   Bushel Basket - Purple   Bushel Basket - Ice Aqua   Butterfly bonbon in marigold  
   Drapery trishaped  bowl in white   Butterfly bonbon in teal                
   Drapery Tri-shaped Bowl in white         Butterfly bonbon in teal   Hearts & Flowers compote-m    Bushel Basket - Ice Green  
  Raspberry Gravy Boat in marigold    Peacock at Urn master IC bowl in marigold      
  Raspberry Gravy boat - marigold   Peacock @ Urn Master IC-mari   Fruits & Flowers bonbon-purple     Fruits & Flowers bonbon-white  
                 Peacock at the Fountain compote in white                   
  Leaf & Beads Rosebowl in green   Peacock @ Fountain compote-W                


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